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Thoughts on 2024 Gerrymandering


Posted 3:43 pm, 10/26/2023

I would like to to see districts set out like pie charts trying to equal out the inner city, suburban and rural population. That way the representation has to consider all walks of life when voting in congress.


Posted 3:20 pm, 10/26/2023

It's the same in any liberal state. Republicans never stand a chance.

I agree, and I don't agree with it then, either.

Gerrymandering has led the way to subvert the will of the people, creating ways where the minority can stay in power.


Posted 12:29 pm, 10/26/2023

Anti, I figured you would have a solution. The government and courts getting involved is one of the reasons government is not working. Both parties have safe seats and the elected official is not required to do anything but breath. They raise tons of money and say or muttered something and get elected and elected and elected. If you want to come up with a plan, come up with no safe seats for elected officials. Going to be hard to do with the fastest growing party in NC is independent. Disagree with North Carolina with the worst. Several counties in Oregon are wanted to be annexed by Idaho because their values and interests are not being represented. Currently California has 32 to 8 in state senate and in the assembly 62 to 18 in favor of democrats. Throw in a democrat governor and you come up with a 31.5 billion deficit. This is democrat policies on full display and this is what they want to bring to you.


Posted 6:56 am, 10/26/2023

You can see how great NY is we need more NY type leaders .


Posted 2:39 pm, 10/25/2023

Can someone explain the logic of not combining Surry and Alleghany and leaving Wilkes and Alexander together. Makes no sense at all.


Posted 10:50 pm, 10/24/2023

And now liberals want to redraw the maps again because they lost three seats in the House. Republicans sued again. Seems like Republicans are starting to use liberal tactics to challenge gerrymandering.


Posted 10:43 pm, 10/24/2023

New York had the new map thrown out for gerrymandering.


Posted 10:36 pm, 10/24/2023

It's the same in any liberal state. Republicans never stand a chance.


Posted 8:44 pm, 10/24/2023

I removed a few posts that were off topic and/or trolling.


Posted 8:06 pm, 10/24/2023

We need more diversity and bullet proof glass


Posted 6:15 pm, 10/24/2023

We are being governed by the courts now more than ever. so much for the whole republic thing.


Posted 4:55 pm, 10/24/2023

Districts should be formulated geographically/geometrically. If the majority of any political persuasion should prefer to live in certain areas, that would ensure that the majority ruled. Had this system been in place a long time ago the post Lincoln Republican Party would be just an ugly blot on the USA's history.


Posted 4:21 pm, 10/24/2023

Democrat cities are way better than republican cities. Biden 2024


Posted 3:37 pm, 10/24/2023

Dimocrats have ruined our country. They should go extinct.

Nothing quite represents Christian values like exterminating those that are more intelligent


Posted 3:23 pm, 10/24/2023

Publicans can't win without cheating. It's what they do 🤣


Posted 3:14 pm, 10/24/2023

Aided by a national backlash against Obama, North Carolina Republicans seized control of the General Assembly in 2010, putting the GOP in charge of both the House and Senate for the first time since 1870.

I say change it when another hundred years has passed 😁

DB Cooper

Posted 2:25 pm, 10/24/2023

Dimocrats have ruined our country. They should go extinct.


Posted 2:11 pm, 10/24/2023

Maps for 2024 have been released, and you can see that the GOP drew them to specifically make it impossible for Democrats to win.

Which is a common tactic for the majority party, but it always seems to be so much more extreme in NC than other states.


They are specifically targeting the immensely popular Jeff Jackson, along with Kathy Manning and Wiley Nickel.

What do you think? Are they just "playing the game," or is this an obsolete policy that should be abolished?

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