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NC Budget corruption


Posted 3:05 pm, 09/26/2023

Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship to get $12.6 million. This fellowship doesn't do anything, they just take money and pass it to other organizations as they see fit. It's registered to a private home with one employee that has unilateral authority to divvy out the $12.6 million ever how she sees fit... including how much she wants to pay herself for doing it.

Carolina Maternity Home Association gets $1.56 million. They don't have a location and offers no services. Their address is a private home.

The Human Coalition is to get $1.5 million. They are an anti-abortion church in Texas that doesn't do anything in NC.

Green Pregnancy Center to get $500,000. Its location is an abandoned storefront.

The Heart Beats Pregnancy Care Center to get $400,000. It appears to be located in either an abandoned field, the median of a highway, or a private home.

The Hope Pregnancy Center of Anson to get $400,000. It's a Baptist church that doesn't actually do anything related to pregnancy.

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